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New book launch from Burrow Farm Gardens owner


Mary Benger, owner of the 13 acre popular east Devon gardens at Burrow Farm Gardens has released a new book A Compulsive Gardener.

The book takes you through the history of her garden near Dalwood, north west of Axminster, starting in 1959 when Mary and husband John moved there. It tells how the garden was created from scratch and evolved over 55 years.

During this time Mary has developed from an inexperienced gardener to a compulsive gardener and woven throughout the narrative Mary shares her learnings about perspective, structure, plants, planting and plant combinations while threading this through with personal anecdotes about family and the animals that have strayed into the life of the gardens.

You can purchase it at www.burrowfarmgardens.co.uk/a-compulsive-gardener/

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