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Gloucestershire and landscape trust reaches out for new members


If you are interested in gardens, landscapes, the environment and heritage issues then one option is to become a member of the Gloucestershire Gardens and Landscape Trust. 

The trust was formed 30 years ago to identify, record and preserve the county’s extraordinary array of gardens and landscapes.

“It’s all so closely interlocked, interdependent”, says trust secretary Kim Bedford.

“Perhaps you feel the same and are wondering, as autumn makes me want to look at our Gloucestershire landscapes, learn about their emergence, creation, and make a list of where I want to visit in 2022. 

“We hold talks in Cheltenham and via Zoom throughout the autumn and winter months and during the summer, visit some of the sites to explore what is ‘on the ground’. We gain inspiration for our own small plots, meet like-minded individuals and make friends, extending our knowledge, of the county we enjoy. 

“If you would like further involvement, you could consider becoming a ‘sleuth’, delving into the origins of some of our landscapes – gardens in order to help and preserve some of our precious landscapes in these rapidly changing times”.

To find out more go to www.gglt.org  or contact Kim at gglt@live.co.uk

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